Adrienne McBride

Adrienne was once told she was the “quintessential middle child, with the added bonus of a ‘curly-hair personality.’” She took this as a compliment and strives to finds its meaning everyday. Her greatest inspiration is her grandmother, who lived restrained in a time when educational opportunities did not exist for women; because of this, Adrienne never takes for granted her participation in the academic world.

Adrienne completed an undergraduate degree in media studies and a diploma in journalism. She enjoys lingering at the intersection between media and law. Pondering the impact that the internet and digital communication is having on copyright and the value of intellectual property takes up many hours in her week.

When she is not pondering issues related to law and media, she is enjoys exploring the great outdoors with her sidekick, Kirby, the Australian Sheppard, or reading some of Canada’s finest news media with the assistance of her feline pals, Surrey and Athena.