Asiya Hirji

Asiya’s research for Ian’s Identity Trail project focuses mainly on the implications of technology and privacy on domestic abuse. She enjoys traveling, though avoids all-inclusives at any cost, meditating with camels at sunset and taking photos of random places and things. Though she is not particularly good at them, she enjoys playing a variety of sports. Her latest athletic endeavour includes attempting to twist herself into inhuman positions at yoga class (from which she has temporarily retired after a tragic ‘downward dog’ incident).



  • Researched and reported on the implications of victim relocation for psychologically abused women (2006).
  • Researched the potential privacy violations that arise as a result of mandatory fingerprinting required by LSAC (2006).
  • Case study of the development and empowerment of rural women in Aurangabad, India (2005-2006).
  • Organic agriculture activities of NGOs in five major cities in India (2005-2006).