Diana Marina Cooper


During my last year of law school, I assisted Ian with research on the fascinating intersection of law and robotics. Ian also supervised a paper I wrote on liability concerns associated with open robotics. With Ian's encouragement, I submitted the paper to the We Robot conference at Stanford Law and the paper has also been recently published in a book titled Robot Law, which is co-edited by Ian. My work with Ian inspired me to focus my practice on the field of robotics, and shortly after I graduated, I developed and led the UAS & Robotics Practice Group at the law firm of LaBarge Weinstein. In late 2015, I moved in-house in a general counsel role with PrecisionHawk, one of my top clients developing flying robots. Ian is a wonderful mentor and I would encourage students interested in robotics to look for opportunities to work with him. Looking back at my law school research on robotics, it's very clear that it's not just that fun thing I did during school, it also turned into a viable career.