Golsa Gahamari

Golsa graduated from U of T with an Honours BA in Political Science. Her undergraduate experiences include playing the double bass on stage in Prague, hosting her own college radio show and organizing mass school snowboard trips. Having completed her first year of law, Golsa still has absolutely no idea what she wants to do as a lawyer. She hopes to somehow combine her passion for public speaking, human rights and technology into some form of legal mashup that will help her be an advocate for international social justice and spread the word by using cheap and accessible technological means.

When she is not hiding behind piles of books or her monitor, Golsa indulges in drinking coffee, eating her mom’s amazing Iranian cuisine, snowboarding, attending to her responsibilities as VP Academic for the CLSS, listening to underground Industrial music, volunteering, and spreading the latest internet viral videos.

When she grows up, Golsa wants to be cool.

Research Interests:

  • Golsa has worked with Ian in two areas of law so far: Facebook Privacy Law and the legal issues related to Naked Body Scanners. She has written papers and memos, and has participated in presentations at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner here in Ottawa. She looks forward to more exciting research in these areas!