Julia Ji

Originally from Seoul, then Toronto and now Ottawa, Julia’s interest in privacy law was peaked while working for Death Row Records (yes, the gangster rap record label with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tupac!). It’s a little funny because she studied Anthropology at University of Toronto hoping to become some sort of a modern, urban Jane Goodall. But instead, she fell into digital marketing and project management in the entertainment sector and financial services in Toronto. In 2014, when CASL took effect, she was made privacy officer at a financial services firm and this was it! She HAD to go to law school and find out more. Currently in her first year, Julia’s main interest in research under Professor Kerr is on big open data and algorithmic regulation. She’s interested in how this new frontier of privacy concerns will shape privacy law and people’s behaviours.  Take Julia out of law school, and you have an avid dog lover who loves nothing more than spending time with her animal friends. She loves the Pixies, Talking Heads and movies by Stanley Kubrick.