Melissa Anyan

Melissa recently finished her first year of law school. In a previous life, she studied health and psychology, with her favourite lessons coming from the field of ethics. Fuelled by her new academic interest, (and love of working in her PJ’s while eating KD from the pot), Melissa set out for law school. Since teaming up with Ian, she has been busy examining the legal and ethical implications of EULA’s attached to wearable and implantable medical devices. She is particularly concerned about the privacy and autonomy implications of these practices. Seriously, Repo Men much??

Beyond law school, Melissa is fond of pretty much anything too corny for most people to enjoy: country music, reality television, musical theatre, and twilight- it’s all gold. It is probably a good thing that her current BFF is her puppy named Stevie, who doesn’t seem to mind her refined tastes. In the future, Melissa hopes to continue to live by the mantra “do what you love, love what you do.”