Natalie Senst

Natalie is a research student with Ian’s Identity Trail project, working currently to understand what sort of privacy one can reasonably expect under a whole range of situational factors (note: it seems that one can not reasonably expect to maintain secret grow ops, be they in one’s home or in one’s backyard). To protect her own identity, Natalie can be found in a variety of guises. Competitive horseback rider Natalie can currently be found pausing to train her young “Beemer”. Social Justice Natalie is deeply concerned with injustice on an international scale, and is an executive member of a student organization, STAND that advocates against indifference in regards to the atrocities in Darfur. Athlete Natalie has been active lately in the practice of jumping into new sports whole-heartedly and with little preparation: she is a recent white water kayaker, triathlete and adventure racer (read: mtb, canoe, & bushwhack – for 9hrs). Leisure Natalie has put The Godfather movies on her “to do” list (as required for first year contracts class).