Michelle Desroches

Michelle is a proud uOttawa graduate who recently sat down to calculate just how long she has spent at her alma mater. Admittedly, her math skills were a little rusty but shock set in when she realized that with the arrival of 2007 comes year #13. Ever the multi-tasker, she’s managing these days to navigate her way through first year common law while still trying to figure out how to put her biochemistry degree to good use. She figured that joining Ian’s research team was definitely a step in the right direction.

Michelle’s research for the Identity Trail project focuses mainly on the review of legal principles and privacy protections pertaining to the storage of human tissue, with particular emphasis on DNA.

When she does leave the law school now and then, Michelle enjoys singing duets with her son, Jack. Mastering the theme song for the Doodlebops was a proud moment. Michelle is also embracing her inner do-it-yourselfer by tackling seemingly impossible landscaping projects in an effort to save money. She’s your girl for any questions about soil, trees and the best way to haul massive amounts of stone over short distances.

Having spent a few years raising money for the University before giving it all up for student life, Michelle longs for the day when she’ll again be making some of her own.