Stephanie Low

After having a time in Ottawa at Fauteux Hall and researching technology and privacy law with Professor Kerr, Stephanie Low returned to her home base in Vancouver, British Columbia to practice employment and labour law.  When she's not negotiating severance packages, advising employers on workplace policies and wrongful dismissals, fighting for human rights, and pointing out employment standards, she spends her time practicing power yoga, cycling the city, hiking mountains, and camping lakeside.  She still likes cheesy '80s movies.  She's still obsessed with Cat Stevens and Fleetwood Mac.  She reads all the time and dreams of becoming a writer herself (a memoir, perhaps or a children's book, more likely, because she's about 99% silly, 1% serious).  In the alternative, she'll take being a travel photographer instead if someone (anyone?) will let her.

Stephanie learned a lot from Professor Kerr, the most important being to have fun.  She'll never forget walking into her contracts class, which Professor Kerr taught, to the tune of "Put A Ring On It" by Beyonce (so that he could explain the concept of consideration while also jamming to the beat and keeping us awake).  If Stephanie took anything from her time with Professor Kerr, who for three years she admiringly watched write, lecture, and speak with passion, it was to love what you do because then you'll never have to work a day in your life.