Surinder Multani

Upon entering law school, the stress and competition filled the air in Fautuex but evaporated the minute Surinder stepped into her first contract law class with Professor Kerr, or Ian as he likes to be called. Ian wanted his students to love the law, love it enough to question and change it for the betterment of society. He didn’t want to teach future lawyers-to-be but agents of change. At least that’s what Surinder took away from the experience. Surinder was so captivated with Ian’s pedagogy and the way he saw that world that she stood tall and walked into his office, asking to work with him. During her research term with Ian, Surinder researched and summarized literature on the history of software leasing and drafted experiential learning curriculum for first year contract law. After her research term was over, Surinder enrolled in Ian’s Law of Robotics class, probably her favourite class in law school. The class discussed sex bots, Golems, semi-autonomous vehicles, robots “protecting” humans, algorithms, and all things technology, law and ethics. Ian has enriched the minds of his students and instilled in them the concept of “Amor Fati,” and for that, Surinder is forever grateful.